Easy Access to Parts and Accessories for All of Minnesota

If you've been looking for a parts center near you that offers quick access to the genuine, high-quality parts and accessories for your Ford or Chevy model, place your trust in Schwieters Automotive Parts Center. We have three easily accessible locations throughout the state of Minnesota. If you're shopping near Montevideo, you'll find our location in this town easy to access. Those shopping near Cold Spring or Willmar have two dealerships to choose from, while those in Minneapolis will find all of these locations easily accessible from their neighborhood. Learn more about our genuine Parts Centers today.

Parts Your Chevy Needs in Cold Spring and Willmar

We have two Chevy dealerships in Minnesota, one located in Cold Spring and the other in Willmar. Both of these dealers have their own service and fully functioning parts centers for you to utilize. These two dealerships also specialize in the Chevrolet lineup so that you can find genuine, factory-made parts from Chevy at competitive prices. If you need a new part for your Chevy Equinox or Chevy Silverado 1500, our team has your back. Perhaps your Chevy Traverse has been making a strange noise, and you think it needs a new part replacement-we can take care of you in no time.

If you drive a used truck or used SUV and think it's time to refresh it with some new Chevy accessories, we can also help you out at either of these locations. We put your satisfaction and the health of your Chevy vehicle first-and we do so with genuine parts that are built to last for the lifetime of your car, truck, or SUV.

Parts for your Ford in Montevideo

If you drive Ford Truck or Ford SUV, you've likely needed a new part throughout its lifetime. If you've just invested in a new Ford Bronco and want to customize it with an accessory, we've got your back. Even if your drive an older Ford Escape or Ford Explorer, we'll have a genuine part that works with your model. By only utilizing our parts that come straight from the manufacturer, you can count on a longer-lasting repair that keeps you headed toward your destination without having to make pit stops along the way. With our large selection of new trucks for sale and new SUVs for sale in Montevideo, we have parts that work with the current Ford Truck and Ford SUVs readily available in our center-which means you won't have to wait on your order to come in.

Many shoppers come into our parts and service centers featuring that their old Ford F-150 or older used car is beyond repair. Here at Schewiters Ford in Montevideo, we pride ourselves on performing small miracles. Though if you are looking for a driveway refresh, explore our new trucks for sale and our new SUVs for sale.

Fantastic Auto Service Local to Minneapolis Drivers

Do you live in the suburbs of Minneapolis? All three of our locations are less than an hour away from you, placing us at the perfect spot to fit in with your yearly auto service and parts replacements. If you think it's time for you to get your hands on a new part, call any one of our locations to see if we have your part in stock or create a service appointment.

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Ready to get access to genuine parts from Ford and Chevy with Schewieters Automotive? Our group of dealerships is always at the ready to help. Find the location nearest you today, and then schedule a service appointment with the experts.

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